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In Configuration->Parameter Setting select Output Buffer= Enable and Trigger = None; The GPIO PA4 is associated to DAC Output1. PA4 has been configurated in Analog Mode, No Pull-Up and No Pull-Down. System Reset and Clock Control (RCC) Initialization. Select RCC with following path: "Pinout & Configuration"-> System Core -> RCC. PWM stands for Pulse-Width Modulation and today, we will control the brightness of LED with PWM using SMT32 Nucleo board. PWM stands for P ulse- W idth M odulation. Once the switching frequency (f sw) has been chosen, the ratio between the switch-on time (T ON) and the switch-off time (T OFF) is varied. This is commonly called duty-cycle (D). The STM32 series are great CPUs for embedded developers, hackers, musicians and the like to work with. This a place to share information, get people started with it, show off your work, answer hard questions, etc. related to the STM32 CPUs. This includes all Cortex CPUs, too, such as MSP432 and even Microchip Cortex chips.
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