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The New Yorker dubbed Morgan Wallen "the most wanted man in country" in part due to the CMA Award winner's 9 billion on-demand streams, multi-platinum certifications and four consecutive chart-toppers, and in part due to his flyover appeal: "Bruce Springsteen meets Larry the Cable Guy." The critically-acclaimed and ACM Album of the Year Dangerous: The Double Album (Big Loud/Republic. People my age make me nauseous I think marijuana's classy And doing coke is trashy Am I just high or am I kinda right? Is it just me or does anybody Feel the way that I feel? They're just not being real Tell me, is it just me or is anybody Thinking all the same shit? They're just not saying it Or is it just me? (Is it just me?) Is it just me. A look at Omar Rudberg's sexuality. By Louise Randell - On Jul 28, 2021. Omar Rudberg is a Venezuelan-Swedish singer who achieved global fame and acclaim for playing Simon in Netflix's Young Royals. Rudberg participated in Swedish talent show Talang in 2010 before joining the boyband FO&O in 2013.
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