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The empty results.Text indicates that no text is recognized. In the keypad image, the text is sparse and located on an irregular background. In this case, the heuristics used for document layout analysis within ocr might be failing to find blocks of text within the image, and, as a result, text recognition fails. In this situation, disabling the automatic layout analysis, using the 'TextLayout. How to redact or highlight a specific text in an image file. How to run an OCR scanner on a PDF file or a collection of PDF files. Please note that this tutorial is about extracting text from images within PDF documents, if you want to extract all text from PDFs, check this tutorial instead. To get started, we need to use the following libraries:. OCR translator is an online tool used to translate image into text. It compares the objects presented in the image with the objects in the tool's database at microscopic level. uses OCR ( Optical Character Recognition) technology for comparison. Its core recognition program is powered by two of the best machine learning libraries. Aspose.OCR for .NET Install NuGet package into your .NET project and perform OCR on images and PDFs from desktop and web applications. Supports 26 languages and spell check of recognition results. Aspose.OCR for Java Add OCR functionality to any platform that supports Java. Extract rich text from images, screenshots, specific areas of an image.
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