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Armies of The Imperium. We stock the latest Warhammer 40k Armies of the Imperium sets from Games Workshop with the best prices online. Shop now for cheap Armies of the Imperium Warhammer 40,000 and get your Warhammer models tomorrow with next day delivery!. Custodes Recast Lot. Has several bags worth of bits and models (Terminators, Bikes, Guard) and even some Guard new on Sprue. Willing to field offers for any of this. Just a dad trying his best to look out for his daughter. · Recast & Reforge is about reforging life for better Tags: 40k, bending resin, epic, epic 40k, epic armageddon, epica, finecast, forge world, games workshop, heavy AA platform, hydra, hydra flak battery, imperial guard, resin 0 I'm finding painting my Imperial Guard Heavy Company to be incredibly tedious so I've taken a brief break to.
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