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Jun 09, 2015 · I recently acquired an Efel Kamina Mark II in very good condition. I've owned, built, and installed wood burning stoves in the past, and need some information about this model. 1) Is it feasible to replace the 13 individual glass panes with a single glass "window"?. Efel Stoves. Ambassador 350 Coal 081.15 Ambassador 420 Coal 079.16 Arden Coal 082.65 Arden Insert Arden Wood 082.65 Bastogne 086.61 Common Stove Parts Giant Arden Coal 084.65 Harmony Coal 086.65 Harmony Wood Catalytic 386.75 Harmony Wood Non-Catalytic 386.65 Kamina 074.66, 078.66, 079.66 Kamina MK II 080.66 Kaminor Coal Lehigh Montana Coal 084.. Efel Harmony (Oil) Stove Glass - 355mm x 244mm (shaped) No reviews. £ 44.95 GBP. Efel Harmony 1 M/F Stove Glass - 355mm x 271mm (Shaped) 6 reviews. £ 60.27 GBP. Efel Harmony 11 8 Oil Stove Glass - 420mm x 253mm (Shaped) No reviews. £ 37.33 GBP. This replacement glass is for various models of Efel Stoves - select your model of wood burning stove from the.
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